About Progressive Engineer

We serve as a comprehensive information resource for today’s engineer as well as non-engineers looking for information on engineering. 

Our Engineering Firm Directory assists those looking for consulting engineering services and helps firms market their services. 

High school students can access our Engineering School Directory to help them choose a college to attend. Engineers can use our listings of organizations and licensing boards to help with their careers. 

We like to think of it as a one-stop shop for engineering needs.

Taking a personal angle, we write about engineers as human beings and describe their accomplishments in an easy-to-read fashion devoid of graphs and equations and light on jargon and long words.

Another aspect that goes hand in hand with being a progressive engineer is environmentalism and sustainability. You’ll notice that many of our stories deal with energy conservation, renewable resources such as solar and wind power, green building, and pollution abatement.

The bottom line: we show the fun of engineering, to inspire engineers, educate outsiders, and encourage young people to enter the profession.

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