Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dan Aucutt joins Fenstermaker as a senior engineer

Bringing over 35 years of experience in geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials consulting, Dan Aucutt recently joined Fenstermaker’s Baton Rouge team as a senior engineer. Before coming to Fenstermaker, he gained experience working as a principal, chief, or project engineer for several other engineering firms. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S. in Marine Geology and went on to receive his M.S in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois.

Since then, Dan has conducted and managed geotechnical studies in many states throughout the country. His expertise encompasses soil and rock mechanics testing and instrumentation projects, slope stability analyses, foundation design for bridges and tall buildings, bluff stabilization projects, landfill cap design evaluations, sludge disposal studies, geosynthetic studies, geotechnical studies, and geo-environmental design.

Dan is a licensed Professional Engineer in Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina, New Jersey, North Carolina, Mississippi, Indiana, Illinois, and Arkansas. Additionally, he is a registered Water Well Contractor with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR)/Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and a Response Action Contractor with LDEQ.


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